Mike's Trip to CES 1999

Mike's Trip to
CES 1999

01/08/99 Info/Pics | 01/09/99 Info/Pics

01/08/99: Well, today was the typical tiring first day at CES! Today we hit LVCC and the Hilton. These locations are mostly home audio so most of the pictures below are on Home A/V.

I covered a lot today, so I didn't get to spend near as much time as I wanted talking to Vendors/Manufacturers (frown).

A few things I can share that I remember:

Enjoy the pics!

Clarion Dodge Shelby Truck
Clarion Receivers
NICE Clarion multimedia player 'Open'
Clarion multimedia player 'Closed'

Clarion multimedia LCD Monitors
Toshiba 7108 DVD Player!
Panasonic Mobil DVD & Widescreen LCD's
Panasonic DVD-A120 & A112

Panasonic DVD-H1000 & X410
Panasonic 42" HDTV LCD
Pioneer Elite Pro 700 64" HDTV
Pioneer fliout widescreen & AV processor

Philips HDTV LCD's
Philips HDTV's
Sony 'DVD-MAN', etc
Diamond RIO MP3 Player & S/W

Dish Network PC based Receiver & S/W
Cinema Tech Seating (Nice!)
Parasound 5-ch THX Amp
Parasound AVC-2500 - back

Parasound AVC-2500 AV Controller
Proceed Amp (beautiful!)
Marantz SR-18 THX Receiver

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